Telecommunications Industry

Telecommunications & New Media Solutions

In the competitive landscape of the telecommunication industry, customer choices are essential to the prosperity of the service providers. Especially with the recent introduction of IP-based services, as well as deregulations in United States, today customers have many choices for Internet service provider, wireless and long-distance services.

In order to prosper in this competitive climate, telecommunications companies needs to better understand customer choices and reason behind them. These customer choices not only determine the service offerings but also inherently dictate the technology and the infrastructure investments made by carriers.

This competition has resulted in two major Industry trends of consolidation and convergence. In order to compete, carriers are trying to offer new products and enter new markets; hence merger and acquisition strategies become vital. Mostly due to technological advances, bundling of service offering can now result of real savings for both carriers and customers, hence the trend toward service offering convergence.

Telecommunications companies worldwide depending on Business Intelligence systems to help telecommunication industry to increase marketshare and margin while staying in compliance by quickly responding to the rapid advancements in technology and profusion of product offerings as well as increased competition, ever changing legislative landscape.

Business Intelligence can help Telecommunications industry in the areas of Sales, Support, Marketing, Accounting, Compliance, infrastructure management and more.

Selected Business Intelligence solutions for Telecommunications industry includes:

  • Call-center Performance Monitoring
  • Customer segmentation
  • Marketing Campaign Performance Monitoring and Analysis
  • Peak Network Monitoring and Analysis
  • Product Performance Analysis
  • Financial Reporting and Forecasting
  • Cross-sell/up-sell Analysis
  • Advertising Effectiveness
  • Strategy and Pricing
  • Predicting customer profitability
  • and more

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