Insurance Industry

Insurance Solutions

Insurance companies utilize Business Intelligence systems to better manage operation and predict future risk in order to reduce cost while increasing revenue and margin and stay in compliance with industry regulations. Prosperity of insurance companies is depended on many factors including future natural and human disasters as well as federal and local legislations.

As insurance industry responds to ever changing legislative landscape, improved customer sophistication, increased competition and more information becomes available on future business climate, technology and specifically business intelligence and predictive analytics play an ever increasing and relevant role in both daily and strategic decision makings of the industry.

Business Intelligence can help insurance institutions in the areas of Sales Reporting & Analysis, Underwriting Reporting & Analysis, Claims Reporting & Analysis, Marketing Reporting & Analysis, Compliance and Audit reporting & Analysis and more.

Selected Business Intelligence solutions for Banking industry includes:

  • Production Management
  • Lead/Quotes Performance Analysis
  • Product Performance Analysis
  • Product Pricing What-if scenarios
  • Cycle Time and Cost Analysis
  • Cross-sell/up-sell Analysis
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Loan Pre-payment Analysis
  • Education and Licensing Compliance
  • Budgeting
  • and more

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