Healthcare & Wellness Solutions

In an era that healthcare cost is sky rocketing, universal healthcare is becoming reality, and more data is available to health care industry than ever before, it is not surprising to find out that investing in Business Intelligence systems is one of the top priorities of any size healthcare organization.

A key component of the healthcare cost containment is smart financial management. For years Business Intelligence systems have helped leaders in other industry to run more efficient and financially prudent organizations. Business Intelligence can help healthcare industry to promote financial responsibility in a transparent way, not only during strategic decision making, but also thought the organization by making relevant information readily available at the desired time and format.

Healthcare organizations are benefiting from Business Intelligence systems in Saving cost, resulted from recouping unpaid claims as well as reducing the waste; Improving margins, by better managing staffing, inventories and other organizational assets; Improved patient outcome, by identifying high risk individuals and other methods.

Business Intelligence can help healthcare industry in the areas of Performance Management, Organizational Effectiveness, Customer loyalty and more.

Selected Business Intelligence solutions for Telecommunications industry includes:

  • Revenue Cycle Intelligence ( Billing, Denial, Appeals, etc)
  • Service Quality Analysis
  • Labor Quality Analysis
  • Financial Performance
  • Managed Care Plan Income Performance
  • Managed Care Services Performance
  • Bed Capacity Optimization Analysis
  • And more

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