Data Warehousing Services

Whether you need a simple “Reporting Only” Database tuned for performance, a single-application Data Mart with analytics, or a Data Warehouse with multi-application data sourcing, aggregation, and historic data snapshots, AnalyticsPoint can design and implement the solution you need to maximize your project ROI.

AnalyticsPoint has experience in providing high value solutions:

  • Solving the Data Mart/Data Warehouse ROI Puzzle
  • Assist in Solution Proposals and Budgeting for Internal Stakeholders
  • Requirements and Design Documentation for Data Mart/Data Warehouse/Reporting Solutions
  • Trending and Sales Channel Solutions
  • Market Basket and Affinity Analysis (MBA)
  • Customer Churn and Turnover Analysis
  • Employee Productively and Sales Incentive Programs
  • Suspicious Activity and Fraud Analysis Utilizing Non-Obvious Relationship Analysis (NORA)
  • Historical Data Archiving (SCD: Slowly Changing Dimensions) and Reporting
  • Data Change Auditing and SOX Compliance
  • Inventory Analysis and Billing