AnalyticsPoint Case Study

Banking and Financials

Company: A large Credit Union with more 12 branches and 150 thousand plus members

Solution: Managed Banking Enterprise Business Intelligence

Technologies: MicroStrategy 8, MS-SQL 2000, MS-DTS


This version of Managed Banking Business Intelligence solution encompassed the following reporting and analytics modules: ATM Switch Reporting & Analysis, Branch & Teller Performance Analysis, Institution Asset Quality Analysis, House-holding Analysis. Lending compliance reporting and Collection System Effectiveness Analysis This institution previously spent countless hours to manually collect the data and prepare various operational and management reports including branch and teller performance analysis for its more than 12 branches. The Managed Banking Enterprise Business Intelligence service, delivered automated reports in a SaaS environment.


Company: An innovative national wireless service provider.

Solution: Customer and Sales Reporting & Analysis

Technologies: MicroStrategy 8, Oracle 11g


This pioneering Southern California based wireless service provider needed better customer and sales reporting, including highly interactive executive dashboards. The resulting solution, in additional to enabling ad-hoc reporting capability to non-technical end-users, it also enabled executives to gain better insight into the business by utilizing an executive dashboard that reported on metrics such as Existing Customer Count, New Orders, Activations, Voluntary and involuntary early deactivation, Voluntary and in-voluntary Net churns across various dimensions including Sales Channel, Geography, Handset make, Handset model, Time, etc.


Company: First and the largest mobile media network.

Solution: Sales and Mobile Content Delivery Analysis & Reporting

Technologies: MicroStrategy 8, MS-SQL 2005, MS-SSISS


This pioneering mobile media network needed to automate sales and content delivery reports to help them analyze consumer behavior. A Data Warehouse was designed to store consumer interaction with their mobile application from raw server logs and a Business Intelligence system was architected to implemented pre-packaged analysis as well as enable ad-hoc reporting for senior management. The implemented reports included usage analysis by geography, handset maker, handset model, wireless carrier, content channel, video clip, etc. This system enabled the company to compare what they were billed by mobile carriers with the actual consumer interaction with their application.


Company: An independent pharmaceutical development company, providing accurate and reliable chemical and microbiological results to the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Medical Device industries.

Solution: Managed Laboratory Business Intelligence

Technologies: MicroStrategy 8, MS-SQL2005, MS-SSIS


This pharmaceutical development company needed to combine data from various systems including in-house and third-party software packages to automate various operational reporting including sales force performance, revenue projections, laboratory job monitoring, etc. Sage-ACT! is used for business development activity. MAS90 is used by accounting department and a combination of third-party and in-house software systems are utilized to support the daily operations of the company. The project was divided into multiple phases, with the first phase being the delivery of the sales force performance management reporting and analysis. This phase was completed on time and budget and as a result now senior management have on-demand access to business development reports that previously would have taken hours of manual work to produce. The Managed Laboratory Business Intelligence will gradually replace the existing MS-Report Services based reporting infrastructure and eliminate the need for IT department to deliver ad-hoc reports.


Company: Global enterprise printing solutions manufacturer, with facilities in more than 7 counties.

Solution: Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Platform Migration

Technologies: MicroStrategy 9, MS-SQL 2008, MS-SSIS


In an effort to reduce the number of in-house servers, this global manufacturing company took advantage of Virtual Machine technology and consolidated all of their applications on two powerful servers instead of numerous smaller servers which was harder and more expensive to maintain. This resulted in migrating the operating platform from Windows 2003 to Windows 2008. As a result of these decisions, we were tasked to consolidate 3 production and development servers into virtual machines running on Windows 2008. Also to streamline database administration, it was decided to migrate from the combination of MS-SQL2000 and MS-SQL2005 to a single database platform, MS-SQL2008 across the organization. As a result of this decision we were tasked to migrate 2 Windows servers hosting production and development data warehouses as well as the related SSIS packages to MS-SQL 2008. This task was completed on time and budjet. As a result of this migration, this global manufacturing company is now hosting both the production and development Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence platform on the same physical server.


Company: National claim processing Application Service Provider (ASP) for insurance industry.

Solution:Enterprise Business Intelligence Migration & Administration

Technologies: MicroStrategy 8, MS-SQL 2000, MS-DTS


This innovative auto insurance claim processing application service provider relied on its data warehouse and Business Intelligence solution to deliver operational reports as well as trend analysis to its more than 400 end-users nation-wide in a Software-as-a-Service environment. In order to take advantage of new performance boosting features of MicroStrategy 8, they decided to migrate from an earlier version. This migration involved coordinating with large number of end-users as well as testing and verifying hundreds of shared reports as well as an equal number of non-shared ( personal ) reports to ensure a smooth migration. Data model as well as corresponding MicroStrategy architecture changes were implemented to take advantage of performance boosting features of MicroStrategy 8. This migration was completed on time. End-users were extremely pleased with the shortened report execution times.


Company: an innovative leader in the health and fitness industry serves more than 3 million members in more than 425 clubs.

Solution: Lead and Sales Reporting & Analytics

Technologies: MicroStrategy 8, Oracle 10g


This innovative fitness company needed an enterprise reporting and analytics solution to help them with better reporting on data coming from various operational systems corresponding to different aspect of their business process. The initial emphasis was on lead and sales reporting and analysis. The resulting solution combined data from 4 separate data sources and enabled this fitness company to automate various lead analytics including web lead, walk-in traffic, and Telephone inquiry. This solution also automated sales reporting including sales of Drinks, Guests Workouts, ID Fee, Locker Rentals, Supplements, etc at each club. This fitness company also needed to send out more than 200 data points to a third-party service provide on a regular basis. Separate data-marts were created to automate the process of collecting and formatting these data points according to the requirement presented by the third-party service provider.


Company: A specialty retailer of hardware and furniture with more than 100 stores in 30 states and Canada.

Solution: Executive data-mart and Staff augmentation.

Technologies: MicroStrategy 8, MS-SQL 2005, MS-SSIS, Netezza


This large retailer with an already existing MicroStrategy based Business Intelligence solution quickly needed a data mart to serve the needs of top senior executives. The requirement for this data mart included SKU level daily, weekly, monthly and annual sales and inventory data, presented at store location, department and class levels. Also they needed staff augmentation for migrating existing MS-DTS scripts into MS-SSIS packages. During the same period many additional reports were developed or enhanced including flash sales report.